We provide a professional and effective assessment, therapy and training service specialising in Autism Spectrum Condition  (ASC) for people of all ages. At Autism Unravelled we work in the community to support individuals, their families and the wider network including schools and employers.

We offer comprehensive assessment for ASC and specialise in post-diagnostic training and therapy. Our experience working with families and schools has illustrated the importance of understanding autism immediately after diagnosis and developing this throughout changes which life brings.

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disability that presents a range of different symptoms in different people. As there are so many different indications of autism and symptoms can be mild or severe it is often referred to as ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’. In general, an individual with autism will have difficulty in three different spheres to varying extents: first, social interaction, secondly, communication (both verbal and non-verbal), and thirdly social imagination and cognition (individuals with ASD can have a concrete thinking style and be rigid in how they think about things). Thus the individual may react in a seemingly unusual way to the world around them.


We offer a range of assessments including diagnosis of ASC, mental health, speech and language use and occupational functioning.


Therapy options for individuals and families focusing on developing understanding and identifying practical strategies.


We have a variety of ASC related topics for training and offer bespoke consultation services to families and professionals.