AU training

We aim to provide detailed training and consultation to support the understanding of ASC and Neurodiversity. Our focus is to enable individuals to apply the knowledge to their everyday practice in order to facilitate the wellbeing of people with ASC.
We offer training to the following groups:-

•Parent groups

•School staff including special educational needs professionals

•Health and Social Care Professionals

•Diversity, Occupational Health and Human Resources teams



  • Understanding how ASC presents  including communication, behaviour, sensory and emotional awareness

  • Developing an ASC-friendly environment to support pupils in engaging with education

  • Strategies for managing behaviour which is challenging  (including functional assessment concepts)

  • Mental health in ASC and helping individuals manage anxiety and stress

  • Inclusive recruitment and reasonable adjustments in the workplace

  • Supporting staff to manage anxiety and stress

  • Using visual supports and structured teaching methods

  • Developing social interaction and understanding

  • ASC, relationships and sexuality

  • Writing and using Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations

  • Managing transitions e.g. primary to secondary school, moving house